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At Legit, we believe that food is more than just sustenance – it is a celebration of culture and tradition. That's why we are dedicated to promoting Ukrainian products and sharing its delicious flavors with the world.

Our goal is to change the way people view Ukrainian cuisine by presenting a carefully selected range of traditional superfoods that highlight the diverse range of flavors that make Ukrainian cuisine unique. Our products are national superfoods such as buckwheat, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds and other that can discover the rich flavors of Ukraine.

Legit warmly welcomes you to experience the enchanting taste of authentic Ukrainian cuisine.

Legit for people who...

Have an interest in diverse cultures and cuisines
Are seeking new and interesting products to try
Maintain a healthy lifestyle and responsible consumption
Value the quality and freshness of products
Have an awareness of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition
Value the culture and traditions of other countries
Are interested in discovering new tastes and ingredients
Have a desire to experiment and try something new
Are willing to pay more for original products and flavors
Ukraine is open to the world, Ukrainian kitchen — for those who left home but missing it a lot and those who are curios what is the basic food of a brave nation. We decided to make it real!
Ulyana Kyrychuk
founder & CEO
Lyubomyr Kostyshyn
Roman Okseniuk

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