Discover the chicory

In Ukraine, chicory is commonly used as a coffee substitute due to its slightly bitter taste and nutty flavor profile.

It is often roasted and ground before being brewed, and is enjoyed as a hot beverage or added to baked goods for a unique flavor.

How to cook chicory?

  • 0.5 — 1 teaspoon of chicory
  • 200 ml of hot water, but not boiling water
Pour chicory with water, then add a slice of lemon, citrus juice and honey to taste.

You can cook not on the basis of water, but on milk. Yes, you should boil a glass of milk, let it cool a little so that it is not a steep boil and pour 0.5-1 teaspoon of chicory with milk. It is best to use vegetable milk when preparing this version of the drink - coconut, almond, buckwheat or oat milk. The fact is that milk of animal origin contains quite a lot of calcium. When combined with iron, which chicory is rich in, insoluble complexes are formed.

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